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A Free Online Hormone Replacement Self-Test Questionnaire

Jonathan V. Wright, MD, in partnership with Smart Publications, has just launched a free online hormone replacement self-test questionnaire so that women can get a good idea if they need to consider going to a doctor to get blood tests of their hormone status. The questionnaire can be found

Dr. Wright is an expert in the treatment of women in pre-menopause and menopause, using bio-identical hormones, and has written a new book called Stay Young and Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained. The book has been published by Smart Publications and will be formally released on Valentines Day this year.

This easy-to-use questionnaire provides a numerical score that can assist a woman in evaluating her current hormone levels and provides information that can guide her toward the next step in bringing her hormones back into balance if required.

According to the publisher, John Morgenthaler of Smart Publications, this hormone replacement assessment can give a woman a “sort of preliminary indicator of whether or not she might need to do more investigation into her hormone status by working directly with a doctor.”

In addition to the free hormone replacement self assessment, the new website offers information on where to find a knowledgeable and understanding bio-identical hormone replacement doctor, as well as a foreword from the book by bio-identical hormone replacement champion, Suzanne Somers.

About Jonathan V. Wright, MD:

Dr. Jonathan Wright is the Medical Director of Tahoma Clinic in Renton, Washington where he also practices medicine. A Harvard University (A.B. 1965) and University of Michigan graduate (M.D. 1969), Dr. Wright has taught natural biochemical medical treatments since 1983 to thousands of physicians in the USA, Europe, and Japan. In 1982, Dr. Wright personally developed the use of bio-identical estrogens in daily medical practice, and was the first to use DHEA in private practice. He originated successful natural treatment for elimination of childhood asthma and D-mannose treatment for E. coli urinary tract infection, and discovered cobalt’s effect on estrogen detoxification.

In 1973, Dr. Wright founded Tahoma Clinic, which focuses on disease prevention and treatment by natural biochemical means. Tahoma Clinic is staffed with medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, nutritionists, allergists, nurses and administrative personnel committed to the vision of providing patients with the best holistic medical care. The infamous 1992 FDA Tahoma Clinic “raid” (“The Great B-Vitamin Bust”) was a major impetus for Congressional reform of vitamin/mineral regulation. Dr. Wright continues to be an advocate for patient freedom of choice in healthcare.

Dr. Wright is internationally known for his books and medical articles. He has authored/co-authored 11 books, selling over 1.1 million copies, with two texts achieving best selling status: “Book of Nutritional Therapy” and “Guide to Healing with Nutrition”.
Dr. Jonathan V. Wright.

Dr. Wright authors Nutrition and Healing, a monthly newsletter emphasizing nutritional medicine in medical practice that reaches over 90,000 in the USA, and another 20,000 or more worldwide.

Along with Alan Gaby, M.D., Dr. Wright routinely presents the comprehensive and scientifically documented “Nutritional Therapy in Medical Practice” seminar which has helped numerous health professionals gain insight into nutritional approaches for disease. Dr. Wright speaks nationwide at various medical association conferences on varied topics including nutritional medicine, natural hormone replacement therapies for men and women, the natural treatment of cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes, D-mannose for bladder infection, Vitamin D usage and laboratory testing, clinical uses of nutrient elements, and many other subjects.


Lack of Data about Safety of Top Drugs

I came across this article the other day and I was happy I did because now I can share it here. Article

The  Sunlight Foundation, an organization whose goal is to make government transparent, found that information for at least 9 of the top 25 prescribed drugs is not easily accessible or even available. This is so interesting because one of the top arguments of opponent of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is that there is no information on the safety or efficiency of bio-identicals. How is it that doctors will readily prescribe a drug that they have been given basic information about by a salesperson and could possible cause life-threatening side effects? Why is it that the FDA has not done anything to ensure that this information is available?  It makes me wonder how much control the Big Pharma companies have over everything?

Read more about the harm Big Pharma has caused for thousands of women and how BHRT can help in the new book, Stay Young and Sexy with Bi0-Identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright and Lane Lenard M.D.

Menopausal Hormone Litigation Documents

Wyeth (not Pfizer) knew for over 30 years the possible harmful side effects of their drugs, Premarin (pregnant mare urine), Provera (synthetic progesterone), and Prempro (a combo of the former two). Even the FDA had its doubts about their safety but Wyeth talked, wrote and paid the company out of those problems by hiring doctors to promote the use of their menopausal drugs. Opponents of bio-identical hormones say that there are no studies showing the benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy vs. synthetic hormones, but now there is evidence of the harm synthetic hormones can have and it came right from the horses mouth. (No pun intended) Check out the unsealed documents from Wyeth, courtesy of the New York Times.

Menopause Article in New York Times

There was article published on Saturday in The New York Times that has been making its rounds on the internet and if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, then please take the time now. The article is called “Menopause, as Brought to You by Big Pharma” and it highlights all the fallacies Wyeth used over the decades to promote its synthetic drugs. Some of the things the article mentioned weren’t news to me, but nonetheless I was still shocked to find out how long this lying has occurred. It never ceases to amaze me the tactics people and companies will use to gain profit despite the suffering it causes for others. In then end it mentions Suzanne Somers, who wrote the foreword for our book, and her use of bio-identical hormones. The article is long but take some time right now to educate yourself and share it with others. Check it out here.

New Book Takes Wyeth (now Pfizer) to Task for Opposition to Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Lane Lenard PhD. and Dr. Jonathan V. Wright’s new book, Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement slams Wyeth and the FDA for hypocrisy regarding stance on Premarin® and Provera®.

PETALUMA, CA — In the preface to the new book explaining the science behind bio-identical hormone replacement, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright’s co-author, Lane Lenard PhD, takes direct aim at the drug company Wyeth (which was recently acquired by Pfizer) and the FDA for their hypocritical support of the drugs Premarin and Provera while they worked together to ban the bio-identical hormone estriol.   Wrote Dr. Lenard:

Although Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has repeatedly been proven to cause unnatural and dangerous changes and reactions in the body, it remains available in every pharmacy in the country. The fact that Premarin® and Provera® are still on the market, despite their proven tendencies to cause cancer, heart disease, and other serious disorders, tells us something about the cozy relationship between Wyeth and the FDA, the federal agency that’s supposed to be regulating its products for the good of all Americans, not just Wyeth.

The irony of Wyeth’s anti-Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) campaign is that the company purports to be trying to protect women who, it claims, would be exposing themselves to BHRT’s alleged “dangers.” Yet, the only evidence Wyeth can produce about the BHRT’s alleged “dangers” is that drawn from studies of its own admittedly dangerous, patented, FDA-“approved” HRT products, which bear no relation, chemically or molecularly, to bio-identical hormones. Wyeth’s argument goes something like this: “If our ‘hormone’ products are dangerous, so must theirs be,” as though HRT and BHRT were the same products. 

Conspicuously absent from Wyeth’s arguments, though, is even the slightest evidence supporting the alleged “dangers” of BHRT. Along with the FDA, Wyeth refuses to acknowledge the existence or validity of the hundreds of scientific studies that have been published over the years that support the efficacy and safety of bio-identical hormones, not to mention the dangers of conventional HRT. They’ve recently gone so far as to declare that a benign and long-accepted form of estrogen (estriol) that is produced by every human body and is essential to the proper use of BHRT should be considered an “unapproved drug” and essentially banned from use in the US (despite the fact that Wyeth has marketed estriol for years in Europe as an “ideal treatment” for menopausal women). Their hypocrisy and dishonesty takes the breath away. 

Dr. Wright and Lenard’s  new book has already received tremendous praise from both mainstream and alternative medical practitioners.  Additionally, actress and author Suzanne Somers, herself a champion of bio-identicial hormone replacement, wrote the foreword to the book.

 Stay Young and Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement – The Science Explained is available for purchase at