MANopause or Andropause

Today I thought we could discuss andropause because there is a chapter in the book, Stay Young and Sexy with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained, that discuss why men need hormone replacement also. Just like women there comes a time in a man’s life where he begins to feel the effects of getting old and suffers symptoms similar to women’s menopause. The weight gain, irritability, forgetfulness but they don’t deal with hot flashes..lucky them. And there is no reason that men should have to suffer through those symptoms when women have options to make those issues go away. Just because a pharmaceutical company didn’t make a horse urine drug for them doesn’t mean they don’t have options. The amount of men using bio-identicals is increasing and for good reason, they find it successful. Here’s an article about andropause:

Most men don’t think abut their hormone levels or how an upset in their levels can affect them in many ways. A lot of men assume they have one hormone, testosterone, and that is all they have. Indeed, that one is important, but there are more. The midlife crisis that some men think they are going through is more likely to be a hormonal imbalance called andropause which is similar in many ways to the menopause change that women experience. Men have an option in treating this imbalance called bio-identical hormone pellet therapy.

The symptoms of andropause can be serious and can deprive you of your daily routines. You may feel depressed and wondering why, you may feel as though you will never get a decent night of sleep again, or you may feel as though you are completely exhausted even after you do sleep. You can chalk this exhaustion up to a condition termed adrenal gland fatigue. Men have two adrenal glands. Each one is positioned over each of the kidneys. These glands produce a hormone called cortisol that is for reacting to stress or strenuous physical activity.

If a man is put under too much stress for too long, his adrenal glands react by producing cortisol in a constant stream. When this happens, the next problem is when the adrenal glands grow tired and stressed. The flow of cortisol then is unregulated and the result is the upset of the hormone balance in man’s body. Thus you end up with all the awful symptoms of andropause.

If you know a man that you think may be experiencing the onset of andropause, make the time to sit down with him and explain what andropause is and what his options are to fix it.



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