Breast Cancer Rate Dips Seen In Affluent Women

For the past few years scientists and researchers have noticed a decline in the number of breast cancer cases reported and have been trying to determine why. This drop started occurring after 2002, the year the results of the WHI findings were released and thousands of women stopped taking their hormone replacement pills. Coincidence? I think not, and neither do the scientists especially since the decline comes from women that have estrogen receptive positive tumors. Harvard researchers studied 350,000 women with breast cancer and found the decline stems from women stopping their hormone replacement therapy. Also the group of women that this decline was most prevalent in, was white affluent women. This particular group of women was also more likely to take hormone replacement therapy than their less affluent and/ or minority counterparts. Now some may argue that this doesn’t mean bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is safe but it does tell you one thing. The increase in bio-identical hormone usage isn’t causing the breast cancer incidence rate to increase so it has to be safer on some level right? Read the article here and form your own opinion on the topic.


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