Mental and Physical Health During Menopause

The changes women and men experience during menopause are not only physical but mental as well. And depending on a persons mental mindset the physical symptoms may feel worse than they actually are. Bio-identical hormones can help both types of symptoms but they can only do so much. Here is a great article I found written by Marilyn Mitchell, MD BHSP of

Midlife and menopause changes are unique because they are often profound and so unexpected. As healthy adult women, we do not expect to have such disruption in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Some women feel like they are “not themselves” as they experience sleep disruption, hot flashes, labile emotions and personality changes. From a purely physiologic standpoint, the ovaries are beginning to decrease their functions of producing hormones and ovulating. This transition is rarely smooth. From an energetic standpoint, a woman experiences major shifts in the auric field, energy templates, and chakra systems that support the body. It is difficult to imagine empowerment when there is so much disruption going on.

How do we listen or even consider empowerment when there are changes happening on so many levels? The first step is to acknowledge that this is a time of great change and learning. The old patterns of daily living, thinking, and coping may be outmoded at this time. Gentleness with yourself is important. Next, develop a plan for moving through this transition with grace. Be flexible with your plan.

Guidelines for an empowerment plan through midlife/menopause:
Physical: First, get as comfortable as you can. It is difficult to think about any other aspects of transition when you are having symptoms, and are perhaps sleep deprived.
1) A holistic practitioner can help with remedies for sleep, hot flashes, mental clarity and other symptoms. These may include dietary changes, supplements, herbals, acupuncture, and natural bioidentical hormones.
2) Include exercise in your daily routine, especially an activity like yoga, tai chi or stretching for developing and maintaining strength, flexibility and inner connection and mindfulness.
3) Re-evaluate your diet and supplements to be sure you are supporting yourself nutritionally, as our needs change during this transition.

Spiritual/Energetic: Strengthen your connection to inner wisdom. Evaluate your choices about life and health based on this inner guidance.
1) Take time to stop and meditate at least 5-10 minutes twice a day for relief from mind chatter and an opportunity to listen within. Take mini breaks during the day to breathe consciously for one minute.
2) Acknowledge 5 things you are grateful for each day. This will attract more gratifying things into your life.
3) Schedule an energy healing to support your transition and bring more alignment on the physical, emotional and energetic levels.

Mind/Emotions: Listen to your emotions as guidance, and choose thought patterns that support you.
1) Connect with support that is healthy for you: friends, family, a support group, health practitioner, counseling. Be aware that your support may come from places or people other than those we usually count on. As we change, those around us may have to adjust, too.
2) Educate yourself about the changes you are experiencing through reading, seminars, discussions with your health care provider.
3) Evaluate everything you hear/experience through your inner guidance and emotions, to be sure it resonates for you. Be open to changing your mind, as the Wise Woman may have a new perspective.


1 Response to “Mental and Physical Health During Menopause”

  1. 1 Jeffrey January 22, 2010 at 12:49 am

    This is a great article and how it points out not only the physical aspect, but the mental health that a woman needs to optimize when dealing with menopause. My wife’s overall health was deteriorating when she hit menopause, she then adopted a healthy active lifestyle and made a big improvement. Her symptoms were still there and began researching on the internet for a natural treatment. She discovered Bioidentical hormone therapy and has already finished 4 months, and see an improvement after each month. See if this treatment is for you by doing the research in great detail. Good Luck!

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