Lack of Data about Safety of Top Drugs

I came across this article the other day and I was happy I did because now I can share it here. Article

The  Sunlight Foundation, an organization whose goal is to make government transparent, found that information for at least 9 of the top 25 prescribed drugs is not easily accessible or even available. This is so interesting because one of the top arguments of opponent of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is that there is no information on the safety or efficiency of bio-identicals. How is it that doctors will readily prescribe a drug that they have been given basic information about by a salesperson and could possible cause life-threatening side effects? Why is it that the FDA has not done anything to ensure that this information is available?  It makes me wonder how much control the Big Pharma companies have over everything?

Read more about the harm Big Pharma has caused for thousands of women and how BHRT can help in the new book, Stay Young and Sexy with Bi0-Identical Hormone Replacement: The Science Explained by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright and Lane Lenard M.D.


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