Exciting Bioidentical Hormone Research

The most commonly used argument by opponents of bio-identical hormone therapy is, “There are no medical studies that prove the safety of bio-identical hormone therapy.” First of all this isn’t true, second of all here’s the first phase of a study that was just presented to the American Heart Association and has promising results. Dr. Kenna Stephenson is a user and prescriber of bio-identical hormones. She has created the CHOIICE study to test the cardiovascular benefits of bio-identical hormone therapy and has recently completed the year-1 mark in her research. Virginia Hopkins of Health Watcher News interviewed Dr. Stephenson about her exciting research and encouraging results. Check out the interview here.


1 Response to “Exciting Bioidentical Hormone Research”

  1. 1 Jeffrey January 7, 2010 at 2:47 am

    Another common question is why is it not FDA approved? Simple, the FDA cannot approve every single customized prescription for someone undergoing bioidentical hormone therapy. If your menopausal symptoms have become uncontrollable like my wife’s, than look at this natural approach to treating it. She has undergone treatment for 3 months so far and has felt better than ever.

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